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More Love.

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Just do it, unbelievable things will happen. I promise.

It’s been a tough season, but I’m so thankful 2019 has arrived, because I’m letting go.

I didn’t know this is what letting go would feel like. It feels like I’m going numb to it all, yet I’m full of excitement and contentment for the future and my future endeavors. I haven’t felt like this since I was a kid, I feel free again, the burdens of the world aren’t so heavy anymore. This liberation is wonderful, but it feels strange to have finally separated myself from fear. How could a four letter word so simple, be so complex and overcoming? I’m just grateful I realized that fear was all it was the whole time, a fear of living and a fear of dreaming of the unknown.

It took me long enough, but I’m moving on. Suddenly the idea of the unknown feels a lot better than the what ifs and the what could bees. I’m stepping out into the moonlight, finally chasing the sun.

I’m letting go.

And if you think that means of you, it’s probably of you too. It’s too late, I’m going with confidence into the unknown. I’ve become welcoming of the failures that will come, it’s inevitable, and it’s fine because they keep moving me forward. Now I’m just along for the ride, because you’ll never know if what awaits you behind the door to the unknown is what your heart truly desires.

And what if it is?

I’ve been trying to fight the feelings of happiness, because something about it just doesn’t feel right, its surreal even. I’ve been talking to my old self lately, asking myself if I’m even deserving of this new life, of this new found happiness that showered down on me after the storm.

Is this the real me?

I don’t have that who am I feeling anymore. Yea, I’m letting go of that too. I’m done with the this lifestyle doesn’t fit me thingbecause I’ve been there, done that. I’m choosing to sway to my own tempo, ride my own wave in my sweat pants, with my hair fro’d, I’ve grown so tired of the what was me. So, reminisce with me.

This is me.

It’s crazy, because I feel like I’m evolving at a speed that I myself can’t even keep up with. Who I am today is far different than who I was a year ago, a week ago and even different from who I was yesterday. It’s fine, because I don’t feel like the possibilities of who I can become are limited. It’s all in the choices that I choose to make. I choose to continue to stay genuine, sincere and true to myself, because that’s what brings the fruits and a list of endless possibilities.

I just don’t ever want to loose myself again, in a way where my true identity is compromised. I’ve learned that losing yourself in that way, is way too easy. What’s hard is making the decision to search for yourself, even harder is finding yourself over and over again. In that strange place where you end up, there’s a lot of digging deep and quieting your mind long enough to hear the real you. Maybe you just have choose to lose yourself for the right reasons, or for the right person, but how could you ever know what’s right or who’s right when it all feels right in that moment?

And that’s just where you should live, because there’s no other time but right now. I’ve been here, tying to expand my journey, trying to expand my path to places I haven’t seen and people I haven’t met. I learned to stop limiting myself, by doubting myself, because in life there are no ceilings. Only the ones that you choose to create. I was in my head for too long, a prisoner of my own mind even, but I had to choose to unleash all sides of myself to achieve greater things.

I had to learn how to manifest greatness, cultivate my creativity and get out of my routines. At a time, I used to swear by routine. I felt like it made everything feel a lot easier, and maybe it does make life easier because it helps to pass the time.

But that’s the thing, nothing in life worth anything comes easy and we’re all so desperately trying to pass the time as if time is something that we could get back. Life is transient, each day the world is still turning and in that same time we’re growing and evolving.

Can you feel it?

I’ve been paying close attention to the evolution of it all, how I just had to change my mindset for my whole world to change. Maybe I should wake up every morning and ask myself what my state of mind is, then switch gears to the right one. I had to slow myself down a little bit, just like they all said, learn how to go with the flow. Feel my emotions, accept them for what they are, breathe, and let them go. I guess I just didn’t get it before, I couldn’t really feel what it meant. To me it just means that I have to just stay in my world, and be more mindful not to get wrapped up in the worlds of others. It’s finally all making sense.

Can you really feel it?

They keep on saying tis the season, and this year I couldn’t even catch the spirit, because it felt like more of a season of self awareness and growth. I’m smiling inside, because I already know that 2019 is going to be one amazing year. I pray that all the seeds I’ve planted, and nurtured with the lessons I’ve learned, will grow into deep rooted tall trees, with the most beautiful flowers.

So 2018, this is my reflection: I finally accept you for what you were and all you’ve done for me, you’ve shaped me into a better me. Take me 2019, I’m ready, I surrender.💋

I Reminisce.

I Reminisce.

I’ve been on the move, stepping into my new season.

It’s only been a month since I’ve been back in Jersey and I feel like I’ve been doing the most. I came here on a mission and I’m out here seizing every opportunity, doing all the things I told myself I would. But still, it always feels as if I could be doing so much more. I don’t know, I guess I enjoy living at a pace where my mind can keep up, my lifestyle always has to match my energy. And yet people always tell me that I need to learn how to slow down, how to relax, but I feel like there’s not much time to sit still with all the things I want to accomplish in life. There’s just a different fire that fuels me inside, it’s a hustler’s ambition.

Every time I think about giving up, I reminisce back to a time where I was fired and I wasn’t sure if my next move would be my best move. I had no money, and the burden of creditors and unpaid bills wouldn’t escape me. I reminisce back to a time where I cried for Jersey and the teenage years I felt I missed out on. I reminisce back to a time when fake love clouded my judgement and wouldn’t release me. I reminisce back to a time when I was lost in nostalgia, and depression and anxiety was my worst enemy. I reminisce back to a time when I was hopeless and unable to see the light.

And now, I’m here. I am the light.

I’m learning how to be here, how to stay here. How to be present, how to keep my feet on the ground long enough to enjoy all life’s beautiful moments, how to sit back and enjoy my progress. I don’t even think I’ve taken the time to give myself much credit, if any, for making it this far after what I’ve been through. Only a month ago I was staring at Ash-Lee after both of us were searching for jobs for weeks, after Pops was a bust and after there was just something too fishy about Shrimps. I told her that when the opportunity presented itself to make sure I took it, and when it came, she made sure I went.

I was scared to uproot myself from where I’d been settled for so long, in the apartment where I came to start over, near my mom, near my sister, near the one true friend that it took me years to find. It was a tough sacrifice, but had I let the opportunity pass me by I wouldn’t have ended up back here aligned with so many of those who are here too, on this same path. It’s all happening, this energy here is indescribable. Suddenly I feel like I can do any and everything.


It matters, and now a days I only surround myself with energies that motivate me and challenge me to vibrate on a higher frequency.


I no longer want to lower mine for anyone, or push myself to understand people who just love being misunderstood. I’m done meandering through these murky waters where the tides upset my spirit. I’m too deep to swim so shallow. I just wanna go higher, to places where my mind has never been before. 

This is half- time.

I’ve got a new therapist and she told me that maybe I just needed a vacation, and maybe she’s right in a sense that I just had to remove myself for a while in order to get to know myself again. I’ve been enjoying this time of being alone and learning how to be comfortable being alone. Not that it hasn’t been emotional. Some days I cry all day, just going about my daily routine letting the tears roll. It’s fine to cry, I’m still healing and breaking out of my shell, breaking down all my inner layers in search of who I truly am inside.

It feels good to be alone, I’ve been having a great time without all the excess baggage. I’m just out here chasing my dreams, making connections and moving forward. I’ve been doing whatever it takes. I’m done second guessing myself, and allowing my own fears and the fears inflicted upon me by others hold me back, because its led me in circles in the past. I’m learning not to seek the opinions of others so much, because not everyone’s intentions are good and in reality what other people think doesn’t even matter. Happiness is a choice, and once I decided to be happy and to stop living with the blues, I learned how to just follow my heart. People like us know that when you look deep inside the heart, you’ll find the answers. We know that love is the answer.

I guess I was searching for love, and not in the form of romance, but real love. The kind that’s just there, it goes unsaid and it lasts forever. Jersey show me love. It’s been a while since I felt like I belonged somewhere, and being here has been so humbling and inspiring to push myself to be something more. I look around and everyone here is on the come up, we’re just busy supporting one another and making history. These are the times we’ll be looking back on when we make it, and we will make it, this is destined. It’s already done.

The fruits come with sacrifice, hard work, endless seeds planted, long days, late nights and early mornings. I’m tired. I’ve been spreading myself thin lately, and some days I question if this is the lifestyle I really want to live. But then I reminisce back to what the alternative looks like, and it isn’t one I’d be able to live with. I’ve seen too much struggle to not want to break the cycles and move forward.

And it’s not even just for me, it’s for everyone who’s been there for me supporting me, my blog, my writing, my talents, and believing in me from day one. This is for my people, this is for Jersey.

We’re almost there. 💋

2nd Quarter.

2nd Quarter.

I wish there was a google search for “I was feeling unfulfilled so I moved back to New Jersey, then my dad kicked me out. Now I’m 25, I just got a new apartment, I just got fired, and now I have no clue what I’m doing,” because I think that pretty much sums it up.


What a way to start off my second quarter: Climbing

It’s funny, because I didn’t think I’d be back digging myself out of a hole so soon. I didn’t think I’d get fired two days after my birthday either, and yet here I am.

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I’m uncomfortable right now, my stomach aches and everything feels so foreign. Every time I get in this uncomfortable space, that’s when I decide to make shit happen. It’s crazy how we work so hard to make ourselves more comfortable and once we get there we become stagnant.

What am I doing?

I feel like I’ve been stuck in a space where it’s been so hard to put the first foot forward and to pick up where I left off. My fear is that I’ve been racing myself in grind time and climbing for so long, sprinting to get to the next level to find my full potential.

And now, could it could be too late?

This voice inside me keeps urging me to speak up, to come through and to put my fears aside. I had thought I conquered the fears, but then the rain came and as I ran for cover I buckled down in silence again and I didn’t say a word to the ones that really mattered.

But then I remembered that I’ve weathered too many storms. And now, I welcome the rain. I let it shower down and awaken me so I can see the sunny days approaching in the distance.

I wish I had been in the mood to be more expressive, and to just say what’s on my heart. Like how I never really realized what home felt like until I was gone, or how sometimes home don’t even feel like home anymore and how waking up here everyday is still strange. Or how being here in the springtime seeing familiar faces emerge feels like seeing ghosts, or maybe they’re seeing mine of an old Anissa Lachelle.

But nothing was ever the same, it’s not and I’m not her. Just thinking about my reality now and being back in a place full of past lives of those who’ve moved on and who I’ve forgotten about and who’ve forgotten about me. But even as they appear, there’s a quick trip through time and then just like that they’re gone.


Feels like life, feels like living.

Seasons Change.

Seasons Change.

I guess my light must’ve been shinning bright today, I think I’m finally ready to write.

It kind of feels like I escaped. Like when your goldfish jumps out of its little fish bowl, I came out gasping for air to breathe. Back then I didn’t have the choice of whether to leave or go, well at least I thought I didn’t. It’s strange though, even the leaves are different here, they’re scattered about everywhere covering the streets. They’re falling bright yellows, reds and orange. Where am I? The air is brisk too, but I can finally really feel the seasons changing again, it’s hitting my senses pretty hard.

Even with life in the fast lane, I’ve always loved the park. I could come here sit for hours, kick my feet up and swing for hours, sit on a bench talk for hours, rustle in the leaves for hours. I feel like a kid again. What can I say, I’m from the city and we don’t mind being outside. Not much laziness around here. I guess there’s something freeing about letting nature just take all your pain. It was like flushing the toilet to the biggest shit of my life.

Good-bye Virginia.

Good writ-tens, I couldn’t stand waking up every morning facing the remnants of pain day after day. Why do it to myself? At least here the memories are faded, but even when I look back, there’s a happiness within them. I can look back at everything and smile. Virginia was just bad for my whole spirit, it drained me of all this precious energy. So what can I say, when the opportunity presented itself I took it. And then viola, I’m gone. Back to who I am, back to who I’ve always been.

And suddenly, life.

Suddenly, realness. I can finally regain some sanity.

All I can say is assimilation is a real thing. It’s something I’ve learned about, but never realized to be true until now. I had assimilated, I turned myself into this other person to fit in. With Virginians. But I told y’all I’ve been missing my people. I knew there was a new city calling me, but I didn’t think it was my own. I felt like it would be strange to come back, and I do feel strange. But, it’s just overwhelming to finally be back in a place I call home.

It’s been 8 long years. Really, really long years. And on my life’s journey, I’ve went through a lot of tough shit that lead me back to here. I’m grateful. I’ve been praying for this, and it all happened so fast that it was shocking when it was unfolding right before my eyes. It was the route seldom taken; go back to from where I came.

It’s cold out here yo, it’s really fucking cold, and this chill in the air ain’t nothing like no normal wind, this that bitter cold. I guess that’s hat’s why we really ain’t got time for shit. Like bye, always keeping it moving.

I’m really never going back, I left my keys to my apartment along with some other Anissa, and drove away.

I never looked back, and I’m never going to.

This is my path, I’m only moving forward. Oh hello Jersey, Nissy’s home. 💋


Cultivating confidence; while struggling with your truth| Mileka

Hey y’all,

I wanted to share this series from Tekia from Myvicariouslifeblog on Cultivating Confidence with you again, because this type of empowerment is important and I salute that. This topic especially, is something that hits home really hard for me. It may be hard for people to understand unless you too have been through a separation or a divorce as a child.

I was intrigued by the effect of being a product of a single parent home growing up. In school, I always did my research papers on emotional effects of divorce, because I wanted to know why I am the way I am. I’m glad she’s back again and this time covering daddy issues and the long term effects of daughters’ growing up with fathers who aren’t around as much as they should be.

People like to joke around about this, but its a real thing. The impact of these feelings of filling this type of void often leads to attachment in relationships, at least in my case it did.

There’s a reason behind it all.

Read about Mileka’s story here!

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself + where do you reside and what it is you do? Where can we find you on social media? Hello, my name is Mileka, I am 25 years old and I was born/reside from a small town called West Point, MS. I am a one year graduate from […]

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