About me.πŸ’‹

I grew up in Rahway, New Jersey, a small town in Central Jersey outside of Newark. I liked growing up in a town like this, where high school was small, everything was in walking distance, the city was just a train ride away and the energy was everything. I grew upΒ in Richmond, Virginia where I began to find myself and refine my voice,Β  where my small town mind and my own tiny world started to expand.

I grew up as the nerd of my friends, always reading and writing, but never really sharing my thoughts and feelings with anyone and especially not the world. Now I’m 23, and my life outside of blogging is still nothing but ordinary. I like to be home, in my space. I like to read, and write and binge watch animal documentaries on Netflix in bed until I pass out from pure relaxation. I enjoy the simplest things in life and my goal is to ultimately stay this way forever.